Innovation Journeys



We prototype experiences to make innovation tangible and accessible. IxD creates early proofs of concepts to quickly test and foster innovation whenever possible. Fabrication and prototyping, both digital and physical, in short time spans allow us to bring innovative ideas to reality and immediately assess what is working and what is not. While individuals may have initial ideas about given solutions, seeing those ideas realized in context, even at an early stage, can make all the difference for both designers and the client.

We take clients (from  c-level executives to managers) on inspirational learning field-trips which we call “Innovation Journeys” by tapping into IxD’s global professional network. These Innovation Journeys take place in locations key to new innovations and rising talents such as Boston (USA), Seoul (South Korea) and Milan (Italy). During these journeys, clients are able to see tangible examples of innovation and meet the people making these projects possible.

We believe that designing innovative concepts and futuristic scenarios begins with first understanding the world we are living in now. IxD’s three global offices (Boston, Milan and Seoul) function as “tech and design observatories” to scout disruptive experiences. With our empathetic worldview we are able to turn  our observations into inspirations, and infuse these take-aways into our design process.

IxD works with start-ups to help them to frame their strategy, to solidify opportunities and to create the perfect user experience. A traditional “think-tank” involves only idea generation and strategy creation. IxD functions as a “make-tank”, a think tank that not only catalyzes new ideas, but also gives those ideas actionable direction and takes them to production.