A little bit more about us and what we do

A quick FAQ guide to some of the questions you may have about us!

Can you elaborate further on the MIT connection?

We are a spin-off of the MIT Mobile Experience / Design Lab. Many members of the team are MIT alumni. This strong connection to MIT gives IXD a particular edge, as our team is always on the forefront of emerging trends and has an excellent network in regards to emerging technologies, new innovations, and fresh ideas and perspectives.

What exactly does “pluridisciplinary” mean?

We use this term to describe when several disciplines are combined from the very beginning of a project to create unique perspectives and points of view. The term alludes to the word “plural”, hinting to the fact that people from many different backgrounds and ideas come together to shape our projects.

Why can’t I find more photos or detailed information on previous IXD projects?

A majority of our projects done for companies internally or are not yet ready for public release. This means we often cannot share project results or final products due to client requests for confidentiality. What we can do is talk about our expertise, experience in particular areas and share our visions for the future of your projects. Send us an email and chat with us! hello@innovationbydesign.us

And what it is that you guys do again?

We are a team of creatives, makers, architects, design researchers, and in a nutshell, all-around motivated and passionate individuals. We come together to collaborate over the common goal of creating innovative designs and solutions to address our client's challenges. Projects we have worked on include interface design, concept generation, designing physical installations and design research & strategy.