Our Work


Safety Wearables for Workers
In a project with a large energy distribution company, we created a proof-of-concept (POC) for a product with variable voltage sensing and innovative feedback mechanism.
Electrical line work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. On-site challenges and work hazards were identified after a rigorous ethnographic immersion. Several explorations in new materials, alert system micro-interactions and variable sensing informed the design of the POC.

Future Scenario Envisioning & Trend Forecasting
We envisioned futuristic scenarios to help one of the world's leading consumer technology company's create a design strategy for their products in years to come. 
As technologies quickly evolve and the number of people living in cities and urban environments continues to grow, it is important to anticipate future trends and how societies will embrace these changes. This project involved primary and secondary research including expert interviews, on-location ethnographic studies in three different cities across the globe, concept generation and scenario building.

Financial Innovation Center
We are designing an innovative financial learning space for an established Italian bank to both showcase their new products & services and to function as a gift to the city by educating local citizens about personal finance. 
The space will target both bank and non-banking customers as well as a wide audience age range- from adults to children. This project involves creating the main concepts and plans for both the architectural and user-experience elements of the space.